Dude Gets Rocked After Hilarious Road Rage

Respect, he had so much patience.

A hateful little male driver with no respect for anyone but himself, and a patient biker who tells him that he’s driving like a douchebag. Then, he sees red and floors the oxygen thief. Dude tries to act tough in a parking lot only to get his ass knocked to the pavement.

Some douche decided to start touching property that didn’t belong to him, and when he was told to stop he acted like a child is argued instead. He was warned several times to stop or he was going to get rocked, after one last slap to the back of the bike and it was on. Now his has a sore jaw and internet fame that will keep his Facebook inbox full for months.

The biker wasn’t having any of it and swiftly dropped the humping lunatic to the pavement . He could have at least allowed the poor guy to finish before rendering him unconscious…