Dude Jumps Off 8-Story Building!

All in the name of internet fame.

There’s brave, and then there’s stupid—and an extremely thin line between the two. Daredevil 8Booth rides that thin line often, and so far hasn’t landed on the stupid side of it—not yet, at least.

For his latest stunt, 8Booth jumped off a building, dropping down 129 feet before splashing into the harbor below. He recorded the jump on his GoPro Hero 5 Black (which was “mouth mounted,” he wrote) and a “Hero 5 Session (hand mount).”This isn’t 8Booth’s first stunt. Back in September, 8Booth jumped four stories into a swimming pool in Laguna Beach, which didn’t make police too happy. He’s also jumped off cliffs at California’s Crystal Cove, where he just barely missed hitting the rocks.

But remember kids, don’t try this at home.