Dude Pisses His Dad Off

Leave pops alone, you raising his blood pressure lmao!!

Every household is different. Some people think it’s disrespectful no matter what if u use profanity when talking to your parents, some families dont see it that way, they feel like if you’re grown you can say what you want. Apparently it’s cool and this is how he was raised because his dad didn’t see a problem with it.

People have no sense of humor. It’s obvious they communicate and play around like that. Dad and son are bonding making funny shit. I bet they both laugh at their videos after posting them. Believe it or not when you get older, your dad can easily become one of your best friends. Once you realize he’s basically an older you. Sounds like YOU need to grow up for thinking a video of a son playfully joking with his dad (who you can obviously tell loves reciprocating the playful banter) is “disrespectful” lol hilarious. Learn to live a little and stop living in FEAR of your parents ya geek. Maybe you’ll enjoy life a bit better