Dumb idea: guy runs into a tornado to take a selfie!

This is craziest idea for your selfie you’ve ever seen.

We have seen a lot of videos about mindless things that people do for the stupidest reasons but this man running into a tornado just to take a selfie with it was just absurd. But apparently, the guy himself doesn’t seem to think so.

The guy is driving on a road by barren land video shooting the tornado that is going on some miles away. After a few seconds of showing a live tornado, he decides he wants to take a selfie with Mr. Tornado. He stops the car, gets out, and runs close to it. He turns to take a selfie (and probably manages it, too) and within seconds, he is pulled into the tornado. He escapes fast towards his car and manages to get inside safely but the tornado is now upon his car.

A lot of noise, dust, wind, and chaos later, the tornado passes his car – leaving his car windows cracked, and the rest of the car dirty. It will be a hell of a task to clean that car…but at least he got his selfie (or better yet, a video that went viral.)