Dumbass Intentionally Sticks His Hand Into a Bear Trap

Attention! Do not attempt this at home!

If it’s big enough to catch and hold a bear, why would you want to stick your hand in it? I don’t really know who pitched this idea, but these radio personalities at Rover’s Morning Glory in Cleveland decide that Dieter should put his arm in a bear trap. We hope Dieter was not seriously injured, but we are sure he was feeling the pain of his less-than-stellar decision .

Bear traps are mostly in disuse now, and the bear trap itself was made as a huge hulking trap to hold a half-ton-bear or more. A 200-pound man is definitely no match against the raw power of the double long springs that power this beast of a bear trap from the past. Proving his ignorance, a man decides it would be a good idea to punch the pan of a set bear trap. A trap of this size will crush bones of even then biggest man .