Every Girl Has Her Price Prank

Do you believe that every girl has a price for which she will do anything?

Yes s*x has now become a commodity. Not even a husband gets free s*x if he doesn’t show up with some gifts or good food and good clothes. Same goes with people in a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship, these days gays have also become more likely to earn money out of the relationship.

This guy who doesn’t even speak good English knows what women are like in America. They being a b*tch or not being a b*tch they can always be paid a price to have some quick s*x with them. When it came to a price of $50 she thought that she is definitely not worth that price. But as he started gaining her trust with $200, she decided to give a man a shot and with that $2000 right in his hands the woman agreed in the spur of the moment and gave away her rule to make it as quick as possible. A time to bond with an individual becomes a quick release of emotions for the cost of $2000 is bullsh*t.