Ex-Cop Declare War On Black Lives Matter!

Damn! He is crazy

Video of a an ex-cop advocating that looters in Milwaukee be indiscriminately murdered, has been making rounds in the days since rioting broke out, following the police shooting of a man alleged to have been armed while fleeing a traffic stop on Saturday, August 13. Self-proclaimed patriot Jim Stachowiak proposed that law enforcement take such draconian measures during a seven and a half minute tirade in which he blames Black Lives Matter, who he refers to as a domestic terrorist organization, for the unrest.

“I don’t care if they’re women and children, anyone coming out of a store should be shot on site. They should be shot exiting the store. If they make it down the street, just take their asses out and shoot them in the back,” Stachowiak said, standing armed with a high powered assault rifle across his chest. In the video he goes on to insult the graves of Michael Brown and Freddy Gray in stating that 23-year-old victim Sylville Smith got the same “justice” coming to him that they did. Wearing an anti Black Lives Matter t-shirt, he then brandishes a bullet with the group’s BLM initials on it, and after blaming Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for emboldening protests led by members and supporters of the movement, warns: “BLM, I’ve got a round with your name on it.”