Extreme Pantsing

These kids are completely out of their minds.

The team of crazy kids over at theYouTube channel “The Chaizy Channel” decided to go to Venice Beach and pants as many guys as they could.

I think the people in this video will probably be investing in some tighter belts after falling victim to this extreme pantsing prank!
The guys at theCHAIZYchannel decided to have some fun on a sunny day on Venice Beach by going around and pantsing some strangers! In this case, one guy distracted their victim with a ‘magic trick’ while his accomplice snuck up behind and pantsed him!

If you’re unfamiliar with pantsing, it’s when you forcefully pull down an unsuspecting person’s pants. Normally it’s done between friends as a bit of a joke. This stranger obviously didn’t find it funny though, as he immediately retaliates by throwing his drink at his pantser.