Fake Gang Member Gets Exposed On Scared Straight!

He was so scared, he could not even speak.

Everybody knows that to be a gang member, you have to be tough and not scared of anything or anyone. After all, you can’t be able to deal with the tough things that gangsters deal with when you are soft. However, one fake gang member was exposed when he met a real gangster. Instead of being tough the way gang members are expected to be, he seemed scared and could no even defend himself. He was so scared, he could not even speak. He was a living proof that there are so many fake gang members out there who pretend to be tough when in real sense they are not.
He did everything that he was instructed to do without objection or hesitation. This is contrary to what real gang members do. Real gang members can’t be controlled or scared by anyone. This guy was prepared to do all the stupid things that he being told to do without questioning the real gangster.