Family Catches Christmas Burglars

Damn! Picked the wrong house.

A Warrior, Alabama family was able to catch the burglars who had stolen Christmas gifts and hold them at gunpoint until police showed up and arrest the alleged thieves. Incredibly, this all happened as news cameras from WBRC rolled.

The news station had arrived to interview the Wyatt family about their home being burglarized when news broke that the suspects had been stopped not far from the home. The camera crew raced over to the scene in time to see the Wyatt family and friends holding the burglars at gunpoint and waiting for police to arrive.

The home invaders had apparently broken into someone else’s home and were heading out of the area when the family recognized them. The family said surveillance video of the break in helped them identify the robbers.

“They happened to drive by and we seen them drive by and we knew it was them and we stopped them,” Chris Wyatt told WBRC.

While police reportedly did find stolen items in the car the alleged burglars were riding in, the Wyatt’s Christmas gifts have yet to be recovered.

Sarah Wyatt is hopeful that the police can recover the stolen Christmas gifts but, she told WBRC, “if they don’t at least we’re all safe and in one piece and they are off the street for now.”