Fart in a meeting

Can’t stop laughing

Do you remember how funny it was to hear someone fart in the classroom during your elementary school years? Then, when you got to high school, you discovered that hearing the release of bodily gas or smelling the stench from a silent, yet deadly, fart was still equally as comedic as it was when you were a child. It was so hilarious, in fact, that students would imitate the sound just to cause a disruption in the classroom. Nothing could cause uniform laughter like a loud, accidental fart.

After years of becoming accustomed to hearing others fart in public spaces, you would think that adults would have learned how to hide their laughter. This video proves just how difficult it is to censor your laughter even when you’re working professionals. There are some things that are too funny not to laugh at, and farting in public just happens to be one of them. You are going to get a kick out of how this meeting was disrupted.

What began as a serious meeting, complete with technical jargon, quickly erupted into amusement. Someone had audibly farted and the group couldn’t hold in their laughter. They tried to continue with the meeting, but the laughter wouldn’t cease. One woman couldn’t even get through her presentation because she couldn’t stop laughing. She pushed her microphone aside so that she could take a few moments to gain her composure.

Call us crazy, but did we hear a second fart that may have been a result of someone’s laughter? Those microphones were way too effective at picking up every subtle noise.

Now, if only every meeting could be as entertaining as this one, we wouldn’t dread them so much. If you’re ever looking for a way to add some lightheartedness to your sessions, try letting go of a fart and see where it takes you.