Father Holds Crying Daughters That Dont Want To Go Home With Alleged Abusive Mother.

Be careful who you let be the mother of your kids

See this is why I don’t get why the judge or the government has to out children to the parent they don’t want to be with. The child has to be the one that wants to be with who she wants to be with. It differs if both parents are questioned. Not all mothers are nurturing and good hearted nature.

This is really upsetting~ I don’t know what the whole situation is, but if their mother really is abusing them, I surely hope they get to live with their father~

I know there are often cases when children, especially girls, usually get sent to live with their mom when there are issues within the parents due to divorce or such, regardless of what the children want. I guess it is more common for the mothers to want the kids, but I hope in this situation they get to live with their father since they clearly want to be with him~