Father loses his mind over son’s prank

Fake or not, it’s still pretty funny.

What was supposed to be a simple drive downtown turned into a hilarious road-rage meltdown for an Australian dad who was apparently oblivious to the sign on his bumper: “Honk if you’re horny.”

A YouTube prankster behind “Angry Dad,” a video series that appears to profit off one man’s short fuse, captured his father’s boiling reaction as an assortment of cars eagerly honked their horns, flashed their lights and waved at him.

It was easily a thrill for his son, who sat giggling in the passenger seat with his cell phone filming. But for the bamboozled dad, it appeared to be hell.

“I feel like I’m being f**king cornered … It’s like a full moon!” he said while screaming at passing cars. “Seriously, I’m f**king shaking. What the f**k are you looking at??”

As he navigated the roads, he wondered out loud whether he had a flat tire or if fellow drivers really were that impatient to get by him — even at red lights.

Once they finally reached their destination, he got out and inspected his vehicle but failed to find the fun in his endeavor after spotting the sign.