Fearless 16-year-old cat attacks seven pit bulls

This kitty certainly has claws!

An overprotective cat has unleashed furry fury on seven unsuspecting pitbulls out for a walk.

The 16-year-old pet named Baby attacked the feisty dogs as they strolled past the front of the cat’s home on Monday in British Columbia, Canada.

Betty Jean Thompson, who owns the stereotype-breaking scratcher, said she tried to warn the walkers not to bring their dogs too close.

‘Our cat, being very protective, picked herself up and started walking that way,’ Ms Thompson told CTV Vancouver.

‘So I yelled, “Get those dogs out of here, I have a cat!”‘

But the warning came too late, and moments later Baby was flying through the air with her claws extended, aiming for Javiera Rodriguez’s pitbull, Bandita.

Rodriguez said the cat immediately latched onto her dog’s face, clawing at her eyes and mouth.

Massive red scratches covered Bandita’s face, with the damage so bad she had to be taken to the vet.

One of the other women walking her dogs, Kyla Grover, was hurt while trying to break up the cross-species brawl.

She had to go to hospital after being bitten and scratched on her hand by the ferocious feline.

‘I spent the whole night at emergency because cat bites are nasty,’ Grover told the Vancouver Sun. 

Thompson and her husband, Del, paid the $222 vet bill for Bandita and covered Grover’s hospital costs.