Female MMA Fighter Immobilize a Thief in Brazil

“Daddy, daddy, call the police, daddy.”

At the town of Acailandia, western Brazil.  Ms. Monique Bastos a professional MMA Figther and her companion were swooping suddenly by two men riding on a motorcycle and demanded their cell phone be given to them.  According to Ms. Bastos “One of the guys grabbed the mobile phone I was carrying.  I could see that they were not armed so I knocked their motorbike down.  I wasn’t afraid. I knew I could immobilize them.  One of them managed to run away, so I got the motorbike driver with a ‘lion killer’ and held him in my legs for 20 minutes.”

The mugger named Wesley de Sousa Araujo, 18 years old is begging and screaming for help and his life saying “Help, Jesus! It was the first time I did it, sir. It was the first time I did it.” but he didn’t get any sympathy from the crowd who gathered around them, as seen on the video one person is looking the wallet of the suspect.