Female Powerlifter Suffers Bodily Malfunction Mid-Lift

Could be worse, could have shat herself

The incident was caught on camera as the woman was performing a lift in front of the judges

This is the stomach-turning moment a bodybuilder projectile vomits across a row of judges – right in the middle of a weightlifting competition.The woman was attempting a powerlift and had previously performed a little dance in front of her audience in an attempt to psych herself up.

In the video, she then grabs hold of the barbell and begins her lift. But as she reaches the halfway point, she suddenly opens her mouth and projectile vomits across the performance area. Judges can be seen moving their chairs back quickly as the woman sprays the front row with her vomit.

The weightlifter, known on Instagram as BlondeBeautyBri, was captured on camera at the Raw Unity Powerlifting Championships in Port Saint Lucie, Florida. The footage has now gone viral after being posted on the social media site.

Alongside the video, the woman added the caption: “So this year at #rum9 I decided to take it up a notch and not just pee the platform and I def got the head judge. oops !