Feminist Gets Triggered and Screams Over Man’s Name

Lol She’s crazy

To put it mildly, Seattle-based Black Lives Matter activist Zarna Joshi can’t take a joke. She accused a man of sexual harassment for claiming that he goes by “Hugh Mungus,” after she shoved her camera in his face and demanded his name.

Joshi was protesting the building of a police station, which she refers to as a “bunker.” She was angered that the man was giving an interview in favor of the bunker and claimed he was being used as a “token” person of color.

The security at city hall, where the protest was taking place, was having none of her false harassment allegation, and escorted her out of the building for causing a scene. Later Joshi took to Facebook where she recapped her harrowing tale of abuse while conveniently leaving out that the source was a Bart Simpson-style name pun.