Fit Tip: Don’t Lock Your Knees

Viewer discretion is advised.

A leg press is a machine used in strength or resistance training. It requires a person to push weight away therefore engaging their leg muscles. But when the woman she is halfway through her second repetition, having already lifted the weight, she relaxes her leg while it is extended, rather than keeping her knee bent to support the weight. But the weight is too heavy and bears down on her leg, forcing it to bend the wrong way. The force causes a painful injury to her leg. While the woman writhes in agony, a man standing nearby in a suit watching her workout rushes to help

While it is unclear what exactly injury she sustained, an expert told she could have fractured the tibia (the bone between the knee and ankle) or the femur (bone that extends from the pelvis to the knee). It is also possible she sustained an injury to the posterior cruciate ligament, the strongest ligament in the knee.  Fitness experts today warned of the dangers of carrying out exercises such as a leg press without the proper training or supervision .