French special forces blow up a suicide truck

That must have been terrifying!

This footage captures the moment a group of French Special Forces destroyed an ISIS suicide truck .
The video begins and we see a crudely armored light truck speeding across a desert road toward an outpost full of soldiers and vehicles.
The soldiers quickly identify the truck belongs to ISIS and that means that it is packed to the gills with explosives and there’s a suicide bomber behind the wheel.Panic ensues at the camp as they scramble around preparing a missile launcher. The Kurdish fighters prepare their rocket launcher, take accurate aim and fire the rocket launcher toward the oncoming truck .
The less-skilled and poorly equipped Kurdish fighters’ shot misses the truck by a couple of meters and the jihadi truck races on toward the outpost.
The Kurdish fighters begin to panic but luckily for them a group of French Special Forces are there to save the day.
The French spec ops have with them a Texas Instruments Javelin missile launcher – a “fire and forget” type rocket launcher that is capable of hitting moving targets from above at distances around 2.5km.
The French soldiers shoot the rocket launcher at the truck and it immediately explodes to smithereens. The soldiers cheer as one man can even be heard saying: “Yes!”