Girl forces creep to chew up his SD card

Surprised he didn’t get a beating. Should’ve done.

A brave woman commuter stood up for herself when she caught a man near her trying to film underneath her skirt with a hidden camera in his backpack.

She didn’t simply walk away from the man to another part of the train; she confronted him and did so loud enough for others on the train to hear.

While the woman’s exchange with her harasser is in Chinese, it is clear by her tone that she meant business and it’s evident by the culprit’s reaction that he had been caught red-handed doing something wrong despite trying to deny it.

She demanded that he delete the photos but he continuously denied his actions, according to People’s Daily, China. She relentlessly barraged him until he chewed up his camera’s memory card and then exited the train.

The man was reportedly detained by police after attempting to flee the station. People’s Daily, China posted a video of the incident, encouraging women to stand up for themselves against harassment.

Unfortunately, what this man was doing is a common form of sexual harassment that women often don’t even realize is happening to them.