Girlfriend drags boyfriend off stage mid lapdance

Damn! He was caught in the act.

Does any girlfriend want to see their partner up on stage getting a lap dance? Certainly not this one, and when her boyfriend could not resist the urge she did what she had to do – by jumping onto the stage and dragging him away.

The tense video footage has gone viral online, after the fuming woman shoved the stripper over before she could get into her routine, believed to be at a club in the Philippines. At the beginning of the clip the girlfriend is nowhere in sight, and a young man is seen up on stage sitting down. A lap dancer in high heels and red underwear approaches and begins to lift up her top. As she starts to straddle the man, his girlfriend storms the stage and pushes the her over.

Amazingly some commenters have sided with the boyfriend. Toni Stokes wrote: ‘God I wouldn’t even care if that was my bloke! It’s middle of a packed pub, it’s a show, it’s not like he’s going to cheat.’