Girlfriend Shoves 12 Screws In Man’s Penis

This is screwed up.

On the bright side, he just learned he was dating a psychopath. Good thing he didn’t put a ring on it. He would be screwed for the rest of his life… Ok, that’s enough.

This was posted on the WTF subreddit with the title “Man Passes Out Drunk, Disgruntled Girlfriend Shoves 12 Screws Up His Urethra (NSFW)”

All we have right now is the X-ray below and people on Reddit speculating on what happened, “They were fighting before. He says ‘screw you, bitch,’ then passes out. She returns from the garage with a small toolbox and a menacing smile. “No,” she whispers. “Screw you.”

The question on everyone’s mind, What was she using to push them in?! Also, I can only count 9 screws.