Goat Knocks Out A Cow With A Headbutt !

Finish him…fatality!

There isn’t any context to what is happening in this video. There are some cows and a goat, then suddenly a cow and goat decide they are going to fight. For fun let’s call the goat Billy and the Cow Larry. Did Billy wander into the Larry’s territory? Does Larry owe this Billy money? Is Billy the bully of the farm? These are important questions that have no answers, but we do get to see the outcome of these two farm animals getting rowdy.

The other cows seem to know what’s about to happen, because they clear out real quick leaving only two cows behind. Larry who will do the fighting, and a smaller hype cow. His role is probably to tell Larry how great he is and how easily he is going to crush the puny Billy. While they prepare Billy saunters up without a care in the world. He has no entourage, no hype goat, and no back up. He doesn’t need that noise. No Billy is confident as he prepares for combat.

After staring each other down, the two combatants charge one another. Heads down they prepare to slam into one another and then they connect. Larry goes down like a sack of potatoes, he is knocked out cold. Billy is a little wobbly, but he is conscious. After a second he starts to climb to his feet while the other cows come to see the aftermath. Their champion has fallen, Billy has claimed superiority over the cows for his goat people.