Warning: graphic. Real life fruit ninja gone wrong!

Don’t try this at home!

Lance Stewart tried to complete the stunt for a YouTube video in late August – but the clip turned horribly wrong. It begins with Lance happily goofing around with friends in his backyard as a partner throws various pieces of fruit at him. Lance, armed with two swords, tries to slice the fruit as it comes flying in his direction. But suddenly, Lance lets out a heart-stopping scream, followed by a string of terrified ‘Oh my God’s .

He can be heard whining and laughing in hysterics as his friends tell him to put pressure on the wound . A young woman in the background calls 911 and struggles to explain how the incident happened. Then, Lance dramatically faints, sending his friends in a panic. But Lance soon wakes up in a terror and cries, looking terrified as he sees the blood on his hands and clothes.
The video follows him as police officers arrive and an ambulance whisks him away to the hospital. Lance reappears on his hospital bed and seems in better spirits, even though he needs painful stitches in two of his fingers. He shows the camera his bloodied pinkie and ring finger, right after they got stitched up .

Lance got out of the hospital with nine stitches on his pinkie, two on his ring finger and one on the palm of his hand. But that wasn’t the end, as Lance revealed in another video the next day he had severed the tendon in his pinkie. Lance couldn’t fully bend his pinkie and realized he had to get surgery to correct the problem. He had the surgery earlier this week and came out with his hand in a cas t.