Guy Catches His Girlfriend in a Hotel with Another Man

Well, he asked for it.

The shooting stemmed from an argument between Daniel Jackson and Willie Reese, police said. The two men and a woman are seen in the video. Jackson pulls out a pistol during the argument and shoots Reese.

Police said Reese was driven to a hospital, and Jackson later turned himself in at the Hazlehurst Police Department.

Mississippi College School of Law professor Matt Steffey was asked by 16 WAPT News if the shooter could have a good defense.
“If he is legally entitled to own a gun, he is almost certainly legally entitled to have it in his hotel room. The problem begins when he begins brandishing the weapon, and the victim begins taunting him. Then it escalates into a shooting,” Steffey said. “From what is on the video, the shooter doesn’t appear frightened for his life, although some people don’t show it. And it’s not clear if he is facing a deadly threat.”

Jackson is charged with aggravated assault, police said .