Guy Delivers a Brutal Burn to Cheater GF

This guy makes the best deal!

Victim of cheating saves himself from being publicly humiliated on TV with one of the smoothest comebacks. Just for 50 bucks and a pack of cigs, he exposed an unfaithful b*tch. I think that’s a small price to pay.

Jerry Springer is not exactly known for holding back when it comes to scandal and this recent episode is no different.
Just when you think the lad in the clip is about to be publicly humiliated by his cheating girlfriend he delivers one of the harshest comebacks in TV history.
In the clip  a brunette girl tells her boyfriend: “Last weekend when you weren’t answering my calls I went to a party with Brian. After silence from the lad, she goes on: “I went home with him. And I slept with him.”The studio audience gasp and boo in shock but that have no idea what is about to hit them. Cool as a cucumber, the bloke responds: “Yeah I know what happened.” He explains to his confused girlfriend: “Brian bet me 50 bucks and a pack of cigarettes that he could sleep with you.” The girl stands up in shock as the audience begin to chuckle.

With a smug look on his face the lad says: “So now I’m down 50 bucks and a pack of cigarettes.” The audience erupts into cheers – some in shock, many in support of the man and his epic burn. One viewer commented on the clip: “Give that man an award – what a hero.” It’s not the first time the US’ answer to Jeremy Kyle has left audiences speechless.