Guy does a stunt with butcher knife nunchucks!

It hurts even to look at it!

Spectacular as it is, nunchaku was not too popular historically because it was considered ineffective and not rich in techniques. However, thanks to Bruce Lee nunchaku became popular among martial arts fans. Training with nunchaku is believed to improve hand movements and posture.

So, what happens if we take nunchaku, one of the toughest weapons to master, and a knife, which is perhaps one of the most commonly used weapons, and combine them in some kind of an all-new deadly weapon? Kacper Borowski, a martial artist from Poland, knows the answer. A brief look at Kacper Borowski’s Facebook page shows he’s absolutely crazy about cold steel and other arms that cut, slice, stab, smash but don’t shoot.

This guy’s first video appeared on Youtube this February and it featured Kacper performing all kinds of tricks with a terrifying nunchaku which sections were made of two sharp knives. That video gained 200 thousand plus views and finally we have another one. This time Kacper goes with two double-knives nunchaku and he acts with the same confidence and skill. This is just awesome, what can we say.