Guy films police chase in western Sydney

‘Get him! That’s what you get!’

A man who followed a police chase in his car has filmed the incident from behind the wheel and can be heard laughing hysterically throughout the pursuit.

Video footage shows the fleeing driver weaving through traffic on a busy four-lane road in west Sydney, then turning into a suburban street before he is eventually arrested. The man who videos the chase follows at a close distance – cackling and commentating throughout it.

‘There’s a car with its fu***** wheel falling off, this is insane!’ he says at start of the video. ‘I’m following this shit.’

A little later he says: ‘Ram him off the road bro, ram him off the road. This dude is on a full on trying to get a way buzz man.’

About a minute afterwards, the fleeing car arrives at a dead end. The driver turns his car around and tries to maneuver it around an unmarked police car, but is blocked by another police car behind him. The man videoing, now in the middle of incident – and seemingly oblivious to the fact he is in the way – exclaims the police have caught driver. Instead of driving away quietly, however, he turns his vehicle around at the end of the road and pulls up next to police. As they pull the driver out of the car and handcuff him on the ground he yells out the window, ‘Get him! That’s what you get.’