Guy makes the world’s fastest KO in his debut bout!

Worlds fastest knockout! – ONE SECOND!!!

What do you need if you’re going to be an MMA top fighter? Years of hard work, pain, bruises, injuries and self-restraint. What do you need to get into the Guinness World Book of Records? Eight month-long training and one second in the cage after the fight starts. Young Londoner Michael Garret knows it’s true.

His debut fight happened on March 15, 2014 at Warrior Challenge MMA 14 – a show run by UCMMA. Mike had trained only 8 months before WCMMA. For Sam Heron, his opponent, it was a debut bout too. As soon as the opponents reached the shot distance, Garret landed a head kick from his right which came directly to Heron’s jaw. The poor redhead collapsed in a blink of an eye – a terrible way to start an MMA career, indeed. As for Mike Garret, he also showed some weird dancing skill after the KO. It looks pretty funny so far, but if the guy goes on winning like that it can easily become his trademark.

Many commentators on this video state it was a mismatch because Sam Heron looked much thinner. Well, frankly, he looked just skinny compared to Mike Garret. Promoters claim Heron was only 3,6 kilos (7,6 lbs.) less than his lucky rival, who weighed 76 kilos (167 lbs.). Since almost a year Heron didn’t take part in any fights. I thought maybe he is concentrated on hard work in a gym but his twitter suggests the guy is more interested in soccer, supporting London’s West Ham United. If you feel like glancing at Sam’s twitter be warned – the amount of profanity is high above average there.