Guy Pulls Out A Gun On Rednecks

He had every right to pull his gun.

The stereotypical violent redneck makes another appearance (apparently a common villain in staged web video lore). Here we have a pair of them, filming themselves harassing an innocent gentleman in a BMW. The filthy, backward good ol’ boys finally corner the man (who is the picture of the young, successful evolved male). But they get a big surprise …

You can watch all 6 minutes if you like, but I’ll save you the trouble. Basically these bumpkins try being bad asses in their Toyota Pickup truck as the film themselves stalking and terrorizing this man and his wife in a BMW. Cut to time marker 4:21, that’s where it gets good.

The rednecks trap the man and his spouse in what looks like a no outlet, and the driver of the pickup pulls out a baseball bat and moves toward the BMW driver. Who then promptly pulls out his 357 magnum and turns the tables on the would be country bad boys. KARMA’s a B*TCH!