Guy Rides Dirt Bike Through High School

Here’s How To Ensure Your High School Days Are Officially Over!

The Lehman High School senior named Russell who made waves throughout Hays CISD this week by riding his dirt bike through the halls of the school as a senior prank is talking about the incident. Russell says he’s now immortalized among the annals of the school’s history.

“Well, I mean look, I’m a legend now,” he says.

Russell tells KLBJ it was something he’d planned for a while because, as far as he knows, it’s never been done in Texas. He even says his parents were in strong support of the idea because of his experience as a dirt bike competitor.

His actions were not without consequence, however. Along with facing three days if in-school suspension and other district disciplinary measures, police have also gotten involved.

“When the police were talking to me they said something about reckless driving. There’s also a girl trying to sue me who says she had to jump out of the way on her crutches,” Russell says.

He may also have to forego walking across the stage for graduation.