Guy Rides Down a 200 FOOT DAM

‘This dude is insane! One false move and you are toast!’

The footage, caught on a GoPro camera, captures rider Primož Ravnik gingerly standing up on his pedals and then rapidly descending down the slope. Within moments, the biker is speeding down a virtually vertical slope on a 60m dam in Slovenia, heading towards a pool of water. The bike continues to gain speed, with just the concrete ramp in view as it reaches eye-watering speeds. Suddenly, the horizon jerks upward as the rider hits the flat of the ramp and splashes into the the water with a wincing impact. Moments later, the green water which totally immerses the rider suddenly subsides as he emerges from the water, remarkably safe and unharmed.

The death-defying stunt is part of a competition being run by GoPro and biking website Pinkbike to find the best stunt video, with a top prize of $20,000.

A friend was already in the reservoir to help him out of the water after the high-impact crash.