Guy Rips Epic Fart In Court

That wasn’t a fart, that was his butt crying for help!

There are times when you cannot hold it in any longer and you had to get it all out. This was the perfect timing for this man to interrupt a hearing in a court through his butthole. It is important to understand that there are certain things you need to consider when on a trial in court. You have to attend ceremonies and stand up when the judge enters the room. However, there are also some things that you should not do; for instance, enormous farting during a court hearing. I think nobody told this guy about these things before he entered the court room.

In this video, you can clearly hear the man releasing gas during the hearing when the judge was addressing without any shame. May be this guy wasn’t feeling really well or whatever, but he should have had some manners. I am sure now he knows that it’s a bad manner to publically fart like this in the court room as the judge got rudely interrupted. The judge raged over him about his little farting disobedience and gave him a real-talk about what’s mannerly and unmannerly in a court room. In the end the guy says he is not feeling well, but the judge was not impressed by his immature mischiefs .