Guy Sends A Message To His Girlfriend’s Side Dude!

This dude got me in stitches LMAOOO!!!

The side chick/side dude culture has been blowing up in today’s society. Teens and young adults in their 20s are tweeting about the the relationships they have on the side. For those that aren’t aware, side dude/side chick means that you have a backup boo to go to when you’re not withyour main squeeze. In most cases, the main partner is not aware that your side partner exists. Unless you’re in an open relationship where the two of you can f#ck whoever, it’s called CHEATING. Sadly, this is normal so nobody really gives an ish. You can even find hundreds of articles about advice on how NOT to get caught, the main advice being “Don’t ask questions” and “Don’t get attached.”
Instead of being upset that his girlfriend has a side dude, the guy in this video is more upset about the dude using his toiletries. No need to get angry that his girl is probably helping some other dude out with his penetration testing in their own bed.
To help school his girl’s side dude, he created this video to lay down some ground rules for coming into his house.
“If you’re going to be a side ni##ger, you got to keep it playa like,” he says in the video.