Guy Steals Girl From Chinese Guy

Just punch him in the face, very simple!

Many guys are over protective about the babes they go out with. Doesn’t matter if they are not taking it to be a long term thing or just for a couple of weeks where you spend some very wild nights and drunk days and as soon one of them or even both start losing interest in each other they know what to other. They just have to kiss each other a very warm goodbye and never stare at each other’s a** again. That is the code to stay long in slutty relationships. People these days are really preferring this style over, over dramatic long term relationships because these are much less of a fuss than the others.But this guy did not know that even his short term, hooker kind of a relationship will get ruined in minutes when he will be scammed into listening a white guy ‘s talk who by the way he can’t even understand and the girl he is so closely holding on to will be getting kissed and licked at by another white guy. Thanks to the girl’s girlfriend who got her hand unlocked from that ugly Asian guy’s hands that she and her friend both could run away with the white guys with some expensive night fun.