Guy Tasered For Putting Fake Poop On Lamborghini

It’s all fun and games until someone pulls the taser out…

With all the crazy pranks going on and about in almost every part of the world, I guess there are more of, ‘Prank gone wrong’ videos then actual funny videos. People are actually taking it to the next level. You don’t know what will happen to you either you’re a prankster or a victim.

These two white guys, not of American descent because their accent is pretty much foreign didn’t like the fact that a guy driving a Lamborghini cut them off so what they wanted to do was to prank him to the extent that he gets a taste of it. They had fake poop thing, which really looked pretty gross and they placed it on the old guy’s bonnet. One of the culprits stood their half pants down and waited for the guy to come out and sh*t in his own pants for what had been done to his baby car.

Unfortunately, to the pranksters dismay the old guy had been packed to deal with such kind of people. Not only was he mad and furious at the guys who fake pooped on his car but was also carrying a taser and didn’t take much to tase the culprit. The guy filming was out of his senses when he saw his friend going through the post tase trauma and kept yelling at the old man that all they were doing was to prank him and that infact he was out of his mind. Strange people