Guys Humiliate Their Friend During His First Time Flying!

“This water is too large”

Navigating airport security is enough of a nerve-wracking experience on its own, but imagine if it’s a person’s first time flying. You’ve got to quickly take off your shoes, pack all your crap into plastic trays, and keep moving at a quick enough clip as to prevent things from getting into a bottleneck behind you. It’s stressful! And what’s worse than when the TSA agent starts rifling around in your bag of all bags, while everyone else starts giving you the side-eye like you’re some kind of terrorist?

Oh, I can think of a thing! Ohio Fox Sports and iHeart Radio personality Will Burge shared this video on Twitter of a friend headed to a bachelor party in Atlanta, and unfortunately his friends preyed upon his security jitters by placing an unwanted item in his carry-on bag. Say what you will about airport security, but if anyone ever tries bringing a bomb on a plane and it’s attached to a bottle of water, those guys will be on it.