Hairy Scorpion Vs Giant Wolf Spider

He picked up a spider and scorpion with his bare hands!

I’ve been searching the web for videos of spiders fighting scorpions and in almost every single video, the scorpion came out killing the spider because of its huge claws and venomous stinger. The only “spider” that I have seen killing a scorpion was a camel spider, which aren’t true spiders. How come the camel spider, having no venom, is able to kill a venomous scorpion, but a spider with full venom glands cannot? There was a video of a whistling scorpion fighting a scorpion and the spider killed the scorpion but walked away injured due to the scorpion’s stinger and was practically paralyzed. It was then eaten by a bearded dragon. Is there any spider that can kill a scorpion? Or are scorpions the king of the arachnids?