The World’s First Action P.O.V. Film!

Hardcore Henry offcial TIFF trailer

You’ve probably been hearing about Ilya Naishuller’s Hardcore for a while now, and if you were at TIFF in September (where it won the Midnight Madness award), you may have already had a chance to see it. This is a high-octane action movie shot entirely from a first-person perspective with Sharlto Copley playing a very fun supporting role. It looks as though the movie is finally about to find its way to the general public, although for some reason they have opted for a lame last-minute name change. The movie is now called Hardcore Henry and they’ve got a brand new trailer that follows Suicide Squad‘s lead by setting the mayhem to another killer Queen song. Make no mistake, this is not a movie for everyone, but the fact that it will be playing at your local multiplex soon is kind of a trip in and of itself.