Hawk drops live snake on family BBQ

Lol.. That’s awesome

The footage was filmed in Melbourne by Douglas Wong as his family lunched by the Yarra River. One of his family members spots the hawk as it flies over the river but then it appears to pick up a snake and makes its way towards the family with the slithering reptile in its claws. The family starts to panic as it continues on its course and yell out in Chinese to each other. The snake then falls to the ground before it slithers towards one of Mr Wong’s family members who make a quick getaway as others in the group tell her to ‘run quickly’ in Mandarin.

The debate about the authenticity of the video has been raging in the comments section of the video.

‘Seems fake to me. Look at the finger point at 0:07. It is pointing to a different position,’ a man named Andy wrote.

‘Also the snake moves a lot a few seconds before being dropped and seems fake.’

Another person was also convinced the video was a hoax.

‘Lmfao [laughing my f***ing a** off], such a crappy fake video,’ vyseskies said.