Philadelphia flex cam fail.

Somebody call the police — this lady brought the big guns to the stadium.

This beefcake football fan got completely owned by a strong-armed woman after he showed off his guns at a game.

The man was watching the Philadelphia Soul play the Jacksonville Sharks in the Arena Football League on April 12 when the “Flex Cam” focused on him during a break.

He pulled a sly, knowing grin before proudly pumping up his arm muscles.

Two women behind him, however, burst out laughing as he pulled the pretentious pose.

The cam then turned on several other fans, before returning to the man.

Thinking he was the main attraction, he quickly stood up and threw out his best He-Man stance.

But one of the women who’d previously laughed at him then jumped up, ripped off her denim jacket and showed off even an even bigger pair of biceps.

She then jokingly antagonized the man with her rippling muscles.

He slumped back into his chair, with his hand propping up his face, looking entirely defeated — but still smiling.