He Was Gone: Dude Outruns 3 Police Officers!

He’s just too damn fast!

Cops are not all about coffee, donuts and tickets, there is much more to them then just to have a time out by the diner. Yes, it is the typical American mentality to think that cops are of no use or of no good and that they will always find you in trouble if you dared to go up to them for some help. In some situations and in the case for some cops this might be true too but that does not mean that we should label the entire PD with the same filthy and dirty label.Now here in the chase when the officers must have been badly rolled by the criminal and nobody really knows for how long the chase had been going on because from the looks of it appears that maybe there had been a huge scene caused by this petty criminal and now the officers are on a roll to get a grab of him and take out some juice out of him.