Man Stops Pervert Assault Of 15-yo Girl On Bus

*warning explicit language*

Moise Morancy stepped in after he saw a man get on a bus in Queens, New York, who reportedly said ‘all types of sexual shit’ to the young girl sitting next to him, before trying to forcibly touch her.
Moise managed to pin the accused pervert against a seat before delivering a simple message. “Don’t ever do that shit again,” he said.
He posted the video of his encounter on Facebook, where he accuses him of ‘touching the girl without her permission’.He then claims that the man barraged him with racial abuse and started to caress the girl’s leg. Morancy then alleges that the accused reach into his pocket, so he decided to take action by hitting him in the face, knees and neck, The Independent reports.The video later shows officers entering the bus and detaining both men of the men involved, but according to local TV station Pix11 Morancy was later released without charge- while the suspect, Pablo Levano, was charged with forcible touching .
Morancy later praised the police officers who let him go, saying the incident made him more positive about the attitudes of the NYPD, who have been accused of racism in the past .