High School Rap Battle Fight

He is lucky he got out of there before someone dropped him.

This video would show you the importance of knowing when to stop. When you talk about high school kids, the feeling of competition gets all the more stiff. The loss would bring embarrassment and people would make fun of them. It is a matter of honor. Such are the thoughts that kids these days have.

Rap is not something that is likely to result in a fight. However, as said prior, kids these days do not know where to draw a line. One of the kids indulged in the rap competition took matters a little too far. He uttered a line that sent the audience into fury and anger. Perhaps in his competitive spirit, he did not realize what he had said, but the crowd certainly took full notice of it and what was meant to be a peaceful competition went on to become a street fight. Luckily, the kid got out of there and the fight was broken up before anything serious could result.