Horse kicks woman in the face!

No horseplay here!

A rider has been taught a lesson she won’t forget anytime soon after she was brutally kicked in the head by her horse when she swore at it. The terrifying ordeal was caught on camera, with the out-of control horse seen bucking the woman off before knocking her to the ground.

At first, the woman is seen calmly riding the horse, but in a split second it turns against her by galloping uncontrollably and throwing her off.
In the shocking video posted on Liveleak, the woman continues to swear at the horse and can be seen running towards the angry beast in an attempt to regain control.

As she tries to grab the horse, it decides to show her who is boss by violently kicking her in the head.

The female is seen collapsing to the ground, while screams of horror from terrified onlookers can be heard in the background.