How armed inmates and gangs sow terror in prisons

It’s pure madness

This is the unbelievable moment inmates at a Venezuelan prison gave a notorious gangland boss a very unusual send-off – by firing hundreds of bullets into the air. The inmates at the San Antonio Prison on Margarita Island appear to operate under their own rules given the fact they managed to get their hands on automatic weapons.

Recently a man named Teofilo Rodriguez, 44, aka ‘El Conejo’ (The Rabbit) was shot outside a nightclub in the city of Porlamar, also located on the island.

Rodriguez, who was released from jail in 2015, had many criminal friends and was well respected by inmates who felt he deserved a good send-off. Inmates considered Rodriguez a leader as they believed he was the one who helped them gain the privileges they enjoy inside San Antonio. So they decided to display their commitment by showcasing their weaponry arsenal and shooting many bullets into the air.

The images, said to be filmed by a convict, were posted online and have brought once again a wave of controversy to the Venezuelan prison system.

Local journalist Melanio Escobar tweeted a photo of a mural, which is believed to depict Rodriguez painted next to former leader Hugo Chavez, who is also dead.

The footage emerges on the day MailOnline reported the 50 most dangerous cities in the world – the top spot going to Venezuela’s capital Caracas.

Latin America featured highly in the ranking, released by Mexico’s Citizens’ Council for Public Security and Criminal Justice, as it is home to some 41 of the cities listed.
Drug trafficking, gang wars, political instability, corruption and poverty were to blame for the high homicide rates across the region.

Caracas took the top spot for the ranking, which is based on the number of homicides per 100,000 inhabitants of the city in 2015, and doesn’t take war zones into account. The capital city snatched the top spot from San Pedro Sula, in Honduras, which had been in first place for the past four years. Venezuela’s increasingly volatile political and economic situation has been blamed for the spike in violent crime .