Criminal demonstrates how to break out of handcuffs

Always cuff from behind

People are pretty neat at breaking stuff. When this man broke his first pair of handcuffs he was asked when he learnt to do so and he said when he was 13. Now exactly did you know how to clean your room or make your bed at that age? This boy knows how to break out of jails at that jail. What kind of a bada** is he? The police is for sure in trouble if they make him sit somewhere handcuffed because if an officer doesnt know what he is capable of he is in definite trouble. This bad a**broke the cuffs the officer clipped him into in about 30 seconds or so and the next time the nature of the cuffs was different and it seemed he wouldn’t be able to do it again but to his might he did it again and also under the same time limit. What in the world has he been eating and training to do. No wonder what other kinds of stuff he might be able to break or mould. Maybe he can even break jail bars and get his way out of the jail. He is a nightmare, a definite nightmare.