How to dispose of drugs like a thug.

Man uses helium balloons to dispose of illegal drugs.

There’s not much to go on in this video, but to make a long story short: A driver was pulled over in some godforsaken wasteland and questioned about drugs. When the cop then returns to his vehicle to get a drug-sniffing dog (for some reason announcing his intentions in the process) the van driver acts quickly to send his contraband sailing away on a pair of balloons like that sickeningly adorable house in the movie Up.

The incensed policeman then begins firing at the soaring stash in a vain attempt to retrieve it and, since this is a “Thug Life” video, “The Next Episode” by Dr. Dre begins playing as the goofy cop is foiled.

Is it real or a hoax? It’s all a bit suspicious. Why did the cop warn the driver about what he was doing? Why did the driver have balloons in his van? Does he always drive around with a van-full of balloons for this purpose? Is he a drug-dealing birthday clown? So many fruitless questions.