How to pay a speeding ticket

I give him credit for having the copper balls to do this!

Laws are put in place to keep things in order. If there weren’t laws then the world would be chaos! Don’t believe us? Watch ‘The Purge.’ Even though some rules seem stupid, cops can’t make exceptions – it’s the law.
When Brett Sanders was driving 39 mph in a 30 zone, he was convicted by a jury and was ordered to pay $212. Brett says that he’s not a fan of extortion so he decided to be petty and pay the fine in the most immature way possible.
Instead of paying the fine with debit, credit, or cash, he used coins. To make things difficult, Brett asked for pennies at the bank and was planning to pay his fine in all PENNIES. He got himself two buckets that he labelled, ‘EXTORTION MONEY’ and ‘POLICING FOR PROFIT’.
He unravelled all of the penny rolls and threw the change in the buckets. Once he was done placing the copper coins in the buckets, it was time for him to head on over to the municipal court to pay the $212.
He comes back into the building with his two massive buckets full of pennies. He brings one up to the counter and pours the contents all over the desk. There’s too many pennies! It spills onto the ground.
After he’s done pouring the pennies on the table he goes,‘Y’all can mail be the receipt too.’ Four hours later he receives a call from the municipal court. Apparently he overpaid and they were wondering if he wanted to pick it up.
The video was posted on Brett’s YouTube channel and it has been viewed over 455,000 times since it was first uploaded on May 22nd, 2015. There are mixed thoughts on the stunt.