How to stop an attacking dog assault from biting a victim

This will work on any dog, any wolf, any pitbull or mastiff.

The dog on the video is a trained dog, it’s doing great.
Do not try this technique without the supervision of a certified instructor.
Since this is not a blood choke, but an airway choke it will take more then two minutes of complete pressure to make the dog unconscious.
That is a lot of time and long before it the dog will stop it’s behavior recognizing you as the alpha and the pack leader.

Shmulik, the guy who is explaining the technique is one of the most decorated dog trainers in Israel, with years of experience with working, police and guard dogs.
I would say that your suggestions about grabbing the legs, kicking, running away etc. does not work and the baseball bat, gun or grenades if you have ones, might hurt the victim too.
This technique is the one dog trainers, all over the world use. Learn it .